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Dr. Murli Mehta is a practicing dentist in Northern Virginia for over 32+ years. She graduated from the Georgetown University Dental School in 1988 and has been practicing General Dentistry ever since. She is proficient in all areas of General Dentistry; with an emphasis on personalized patient care. Ranked as America’s Top Dentist for last 10 years, she is also recognized as Virginia’s Top Dentist in Angie’s List and the Consumers Checkbook list. Recently, after 27 years she has separated from her old practice and is practicing now in Springfield, Virginia. You can reach Dr. Murli Mehta at her office Phone # 703-451-1656 or 703-364-8820. You can also reach her via e-mail at

Here is her brief profile:

Over 32+ years, her experience spans the full range of Dental Care. Her focus areas include:

• Evaluating Oral and Dental health.

• Diagnosing and Treating Diseases, Injuries, and Malformations of Teeth, Gums and other Oral Structures.

• Treating exposure of Pulp by Pulp Capping, removal of Pulp from Pulp Chamber and Anterior Root Canals.

• Designing and fitting Prosthodontic Appliances, including Bridges, Space Maintainers, and Dentures.

• Restoring Implants (Crowns, Bridges, and Dentures).

• Performing routine Oral Examinations, Restorations, Prophylactic and other Dental Work.

• Maintaining organized Dental Records and Reports.

• Designing focused Treatment Plans.

Additionally, as a Senior Dentist, she also poses business experience. This includes:

• Supervising and leading a team of Dental Hygienists and Support Staff.

• Possessing a keen awareness of Insurances and Billing structures.

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